Out There

The epic. You know it’s out there. Hell-bent graupel riding vindictive gusts beneath a leaden sky; wet feet and chapped faces, cold to the quick with everything on and nowhere to go; nylon flapping and slapping and dripping all night; short tempers and long days – roll the dice often enough and you’ll find it. Try your luck in the Northern Rockies fall or spring and you’ll find it all too often. This is no revelation. You’ve been there. Watching the dark clouds build over the mountains, you remember epics past in your bones. Then you pack your bags and head uphill.

You go because the best places you’ve ever been were guarded by mosquitoes, blisters and mean weather. You go still to show your kids the way. And you’ll go again because J.A. Shedd was right. “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

We hope that everyone built some indelible memories this Labor Day weekend – one way or the other – and made it home no worse for wear.

7 Comments on “Out There

  1. Hope you guys are out doing something fun today. Stout has figured out that it’s the first day of bird season and I’m not sure she’s going to let me make it through breakfast before she drags me out the door.

  2. “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

    A wonderful quote and one that will play in my head for a while. THANKS!

  3. I read this post about a half hour after writing one on the exact same topic. That unwavering soul connection to nature runs through all of us with this love of the outdoors adventure! Thanks for sharing!

    • What’s that saying? “birds of a feather…”? Or is it “great minds think alike”? Maybe it’s fools seldom differ. In anycase thanks so much for checking us out Lindsay!

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