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    Office to Elk

    With light beginning to fade our only option was a last ditch effort to circle the bunch and get down wind. We forced our hand.

  • MAC_8259

    DIY Floating Tenkara Line

    Tenkara has been around and reliably catching fish, more or less unchanged, for centuries.

  • SBB_3257

    Cooler Packing: For Multi Day Trips

    My wife is smarter and more meticulous than I am. She is in charge when it comes to packing our cooler.

  • SBB_3335

    Wisdom From The Throne

    We were a couple hours into a five day river trip when the current grabbed his rod and pulled under. I looked behind the boat just in time to see it sink to the bottom. There would be no recovery.

With all of our talk of focus, attention to detail,  reverence and reflection, our chosen pursuits may sometimes be mistaken for solemn, sacred endeavors. I can get on that bandwagon, heck often times I’m leading the charge. But at it’s core, we better be having some fun along the way. Laugh with your friends and at yourself. Follow the, Read More

“Dada, Dada look!” exclaimed my four year old. “The buck deer, um… with the pointy antlers… he’s smelling the girl deer’s BUTT! Ewwww… silly deer.” “Yeah, they’ll do that sometimes,” I said, hoping my indifference would stop the inevitable line of questioning in its tracks. “Why’s he do that?” he asked, undeterred. “Well… uh… you, Read More

Plastic exploded as the wiper blades snapped against the windshield. I’d hoped to free ice from the blades and return quickly to the warming cab. Instead, a quick audible had me limping to an auto parts store for new wipers. The line was nearly out the door.  Seems the whole town was in the, Read More

The pinks and golds of reflected sunset disappear from the virgin snow with the last straggling rays of sunlight. What meager warmth the day had on offer dissipates as quickly as the color, and an insistent voice in my head urges me back to the house. Take your armload of firewood and go, it, Read More

Dogs fly out of their kennels. An energetic ball of dust builds with each concentric circle. Coolers, duffels, and water jugs litter the ground. Chaos is distilled into organization. Camp is established. Anticipation rules the day. Dogs work with feverish enthusiasm, tearing up cover with each stride. E-collars are tested. Slowly we settle into a sustainable, Read More

Trent Tatum, co-owner of The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge, is stork-stepping from the soft bank in the direction of a fading rise ring. His mission: demonstrate for the magazine writer and photographer, at their request, just how productive the fishing can be on his home water. It’s an exercise in gilding, Read More

“So…there is something I haven’t told you yet” I said to my buddy as we made last minute arrangements for an out of state bird hunt. “Uh…all right lets’s hear it.” “Well…I’m bringing Grady.” Silence “Not for the whole trip,” I pressed on. “We are going to rendezvous with my Dad in Montana and drop, Read More

Yesterday was the most American square on the calendar, Election Day. On my particular ballot were prospective Senators, Congressmen, Governors, State Legislators, County Commissioners, Sheriffs, Secretaries of State, Auditors, Superintendents of Public Education, Treasurers, School Board Members, Conservation District Trustees, Fire Chiefs and Coroners. I read-up on each, filled in the appropriate bubbles, fed, Read More

Huge fish, big bulls, grip and grins, hero shots, we all love them. But the quality of our experience rarely has much to do with the quarry. Here’s what a trophy looks like (How I lucked out and landed the one above I’ll never know): Good friends…outshine a 180 inch Muley any day. Kids…about the, Read More

Sometimes, despite my best efforts, my mind wanders. I can only manage so many hours of hyper-vigilance before the tastes and sounds of the here and now are diluted by the curious voices of the nowhere and never that fill my head. Hunting helps, but even in those precious hours, I am not entirely immune., Read More