STS Bar & Grill: Hunt Camp Grub

Chef’s are underrated.  The products of a gifted Chef de Cuisine should, by my estimation, rate right alongside those of lauded musicians, painters, dancers and poets. Maybe they get short shrift because of the transitory nature of their art – it will all eventually, literally, become crap.  That seems unfair to me. But maybe the lack of fair credit owes, more reasonably, to the fact their most inspired creations can never stack-up to the basest of meals, served under the right conditions. It’s not their fault. The backcountry will always provide the best seasoning, and you just can’t find it in the kitchens of Paris.

Hunt Camp Grub

Step 1: Wake up before dawn. Brace yourself, then unzip the tent. Step quickly into sodden, frozen boots, and pile on yesterday’s layers. Race through a meager, headlamp lit breakfast of lumpy gruel and map study. Pack your pack.

Step 2: Start hiking. Uphill. Fast. Sit down. Ignore the wind. Ignore the muddy slush. Keep glassing. Challenge every bush. Examine every stump. Sit still and keep glassing. Hike some more, slower this time, each foot placed just so, each sense tuned to the limit.

Step 3: Repeat for the next 10 hours.

Step 4: Season liberally with heavy winds, half frozen drizzle, mid-day naps, coyotes, ermine, eagles, scratches, bruises and blood.

Step 5: Empty a can of whatever into a pot. Warm it up on a camp stove.  Serve with a plan for tomorrow.

Trade it for dinner in a 4 star restaurant? Not on your life. Bon Appetite


4 Comments on “STS Bar & Grill: Hunt Camp Grub

  1. I was deeply moved by this, Matthew. It captures every detail of my hunts. I don’t mean in abstract; I mean it precisely describes my days in the woods: the misery, the beauty, and the immersion. Preparing myself to head to my office job this morning, your this post transported me to something I love. So much so that I read it aloud to my wife across the breakfast table. To my great surprise, tears overtook me as I read. My wife appreciates the hunting experience better than ever. Thank you for making my day.

    • Wow, thank you for making MY day Matt. That’s an awfully kind review. I’m so glad you liked it.

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