A bloated, dead cow bobbed by, accentuating that the river meant business. The river had begun its annual cleansing ritual.

Hazard lights flash in the middle of the road. Car doors are left open. The passengers are nowhere to be seen. Everyone seems to be following suit as rental cars, RV’s, and people of all ages and nationalities are scattered in what looks like an apocalyptic scene. But no one is running for their, Read More

“I’ll be in the neighborhood,” I said into my cell phone. “Mind if I come by?” “Sure, what time?” she replied. “Well, I have an appointment until nine, so I can be there by ten or ten-thirty…” It went without saying that sixty miles of highway qualified as drop-in distance. Wyoming is a small, Read More

A day to relax and log some couch time sounded appealing. Fresh off a river trip, we were visiting my folks and they had taken the kids out for the day. I was tired and it would be a treat to have my parents house to myself for a few hours. Then the phone rang. A buddy, Read More