The tenderloins were the first to go. The backstraps weren’t far behind. You then spent the rest of the year whittling your way through the sirloins, round steaks, roasts, and burger meat, keeping one eye on the calendar and the other on the inventory. This year you were going to pace it just right. But, Read More

Mother Nature plays a cruel game of cat and mouse this time of year in the Northern Rockies. After three or four months of sustained cold and dark, she tempts hope with a few deliciously gentle spring days, then bares her claws and swats us back into winter. It can be a frustrating process, Read More

“Dada… um… is that elk dead?” asked Everett, peering tentatively from the garage doorway, eyes pinned to the hanging animal. “It sure is.” I answered from my seat at the butchering table. “Want to come in and see it?” “That means it can’t move anymore” he said, either reminding himself or seeking confirmation before, Read More

I can no more explain why I hunt than I can explain why I read. I have reasons – because others must die for me to live, and I’m resolved to do my own killing; because it’s the most sensually vibrant and emotionally complex way I know of to experience the natural world; because, Read More

  It’s six o’clock Friday afternoon. Your kid’s been sick all week, your sleep deprived, work-stressed wife has a headache, and supper-time is about to expire with you down 0-3. Time to settle for a box of mac and cheese, and kiss tomorrow morning’s fishing excursion goodbye, right? Not so fast! Go deep with a, Read More

Meat, as we’ve discussed, is a fundamental USOB asset.  Keep bringing it home, and you’re more likely to score the hall pass for a trip to go get more. Take it up a notch though, by fixing a knock their socks off supper, and you’ll get unsolicited inquiries into when you’re going hunting again., Read More