“You got a beer?” Grady asked quizzically as he nibbled a fry. I nodded, taking a sip of a cold Rainier. “I didn’t know they had beer here,” he responded, genuinely surprised. The flicker of a neon Miller Lite sign illuminated our table. Three truckers sat at the bar. One had just picked up a load, Read More

Her ancestors, training, years of experience all lead to this moment.  Muscles ripple down her sides as she hones in on the target…

It’s not the where the meat of the adventure takes place, but it’s often where it begins or ends. The tailgate. A launch pad and a landing zone. Gear is organized and prepared for what lies ahead. Waders or boots are pulled off upon return and exchanged for sandals and loose sneakers. It serves as, Read More

“I told you so.” “Yeah, but you’re just a puppy. I thought…” “I was sniffing a lot… hard.” “Right, I saw but…” “Chopping with my tail” “I…” “Chop, chop, chop. That’s what I did. I did that.” “Got it, but…” “And tight circles. I did those too. Lots of ‘em. I worked it over,, Read More

Hands down it’s the best time of year. So make the most of it. Chase elk, birds or go fishing. It’s hard to go wrong. Seek solitude by taking a solo hike with your bow. Load up the whole family and take advantage of some of the years best fishing. Cause a ruckus with, Read More

My lungs were about to explode, which masked the burning in my quads. The terrain was unforgiving. So were the birds. We had been in birds all day, but it was the end of the season and they were onto us. Only minutes prior I had managed to scratch down my first chukar of the, Read More