Summer hit hard this year. Before I knew what happened we were BBQ’ing, wearing flip flops, and drinking cold beers in the yard while watching the sun set over the mountains. I look forward to summer because it means fall is getting closer. I don’t like hot weather. But June is my favorite month of the  season. On, Read More

Home late from the river I grabbed a bottle of Ranch dressing and almost poured it over ice cream, thinking it was chocolate sauce. Either was a poor substitute for dinner.

Quivering uncontrollably, he lets out a barely audible, yet pathetic, squeal. Remaining steady by a whisker, I heave the bumper into the high mountain lake. Like a shot from a cannon, he releases on his name and begins churning water. We are long overdue. The dogs are perhaps as fit as I can remember for, Read More

“Uh… Dada? The fishing river is too fast!” It’s been said (way too often in my opinion) that God doesn’t close a door without also opening a window. I’m not much for religious platitudes as a general rule, but like most clichés, this one is overused largely on the strength of its applicability.  It’s, Read More

Imagine if you will the year’s first ripe watermelon. You’ve been getting up each morning, munching some world traveling supermarket fruit with your eggs and coffee, and stepping out the front door to face the day, more or less satisfied with your circumstances. Then one bright afternoon you spot a sun-weathered old man selling fruit from the, Read More

This summer our dogs have been neglected. It’s a crazy time for our family. My wife and I both travel a fair bit for work. Family comes to visit. We try to get into the mountains as much as possible. The dogs have been deprioritized. As pups, I would spend an hour a day all, Read More

It’s summer time and many are turning to gin & tonics or a hefeweizen. Not my dad. He’s a scotch drinker, and not to be dissuaded by hot weather. Recently he came for a visit and he stuck a bottle of Laproaig Quarter Cask in the freezer. To some this would be considered blasphemy, but, Read More