Giddy, we roared through the last hundred and fifty miles to the farm we were going to be staying at for the next five days. We arrived a few hours past dark and settled into an old single wide.

We all have our routines. Some consider those routines to be vices. Either way they are important. I’m a coffee drinker – not occasionally, not when I can get my hands on a cup, not if you happen to have it. Rather an every day, first thing in the morning coffee drinker. The black, Read More

“So…there is something I haven’t told you yet” I said to my buddy as we made last minute arrangements for an out of state bird hunt. “Uh…all right lets’s hear it.” “Well…I’m bringing Grady.” Silence “Not for the whole trip,” I pressed on. “We are going to rendezvous with my Dad in Montana and drop, Read More

I lived in a big sprawling metropolis for a number of years after college.  For most of that time my commute – 20 miles: 45 to 120 minutes depending on traffic – was the defining element of each day.  One Thursday, 3 days before Christmas, during a snow storm and the afternoon rush, a, Read More