Thanksgiving leftovers are still in the fridge. My wife is hanging christmas lights and adorning our home with other assorted holiday decorations. But with a full freezer and winter settling in my thoughts are turning to next year’s river trips. Sure it’s a bit early, but then again maybe not. Depending on what you, Read More

River trips have become our favorite family adventures. As a way of experiencing the backcountry with kids, few other methods can compare. But with a little planning you can take some simple steps to help ensure your adventure is one that will be fun for the whole family. Planning for shorter days on the water makes, Read More

Pulling rubbermaid tubs down from shelves in the garage, I begin to sort gear. Sleeping bags and pads, water jugs, cook gear, the list goes on. Consulting a google doc I slowly pull the group gear we are responsible for and the personal gear our family needs. In less than a week we will, Read More