When I began my apprenticeship as an alpinist, someone told me, “to be successful in the mountains, one’s ability to suffer is mandatory.” Turns out it’s helpful in elk hunting too.

Lucas Carroll is passionate about family, fishing and photography, in ways that can be matched by few.

To me it was a smaller than average buck that I assumed was the first antelope shot by someone from the midwest, who would soon have it hang in in a basement rec-room. I might have been right, but Kim saw so much more.

Ducks flew by the hundreds. They were closer to the cruising altitude for commercial airlines than our decoys. But the sky gave us a show that was more memorable than many of the ducks I’ve brought home. After shooting light we spent nearly a half hour soaking in the view. The dog, shotgun’s, calls, decoys, Read More

Almost imperceptible streaks of water seep through jacket cuffs, working their way up my arms. With every sweep it creeps just a tad farther. Squinting through drops of rain on my sunglasses I aim another cast to where tree line meets a cloudy mist. The fly hits the water and I strive to maintain focus. Confidence is key, but, Read More

Spray from the river and your jacket collar take turns slapping you in the face.  Wind pushes waves upstream. After driving a couple of hours and dumping the boat in the river the options are limited. Keep pushing. Spring is fickle. Calm bluebird days are interspersed with harsh winds, snow storms, hail, graupel, and nearly every, Read More

As a father of four, passionate angler, and incredibly talented photographer, Rob Yaskovic is the kind of guy we admire. He gets big points for raising four children. But it’s Rob’s creative vision behind the lens that first captured our attention. Photography has been Rob’s passion since he was a teenager and he has honed his, Read More

We’ve known each other for years. In the days when I spent more time with a belay device in my hand than a fly rod, we climbed together often. But geography and time pulled us apart. So I was thrilled when Toby called and said he wanted to come visit. It was an opportunity, Read More

Our eyes are at ground level as the sun creeps over the horizon. The sound of geese preparing to take flight permeates the morning air. Cold weather followed by a warm spell has led to near perfect conditions. This footage was taken during the weekend of The Two Shot Goose Hunt, a charity event, Read More

Raising my gun at the sound of wing beats, I hoped for a wild rooster to flush from the under brush. Nothing materialized. Moments later my precocious pup came out of the brush with a hen that was a little too slow getting off the ground. It was Christmas Eve 2008 and I was, Read More