With a deftness that defies his five years of age, my son thrust the net forward at precisely the right moment and corralled our quarry. We knelt in water still frigid and stained with sediment from winter snowmelt. Grinning from ear to ear we were mystified at what we were witnessing.

The sun had already dipped below the horizon as I opened the car door.¬†Coaxing my legs out of the driver’s side, I inspected the feet that now seemed tenuously attached to them. They looked like hamburger. Blisters were solidifying on the toes and pads. Hitting pavement I gingerly shifted my weight. My stiffening legs, Read More

Torrential rain pelted us like a prize fighter. Electricity in the air caused our rods to buzz. After 14 hours it looked like our hopes were dashed as we retreated into the forest. On any other day I would have packed it in and headed for home. But we huddled amongst the conifers in, Read More