And let us be clear. We are being disregarded. The Senators and state governments who’ve led us down this path to the brink of unthinkable calamity have sized us up, taken our measure and deemed us impotent.

Happy Independence Day! May yours be spent enjoying our public lands — the fruit and foundation of our most genuine freedoms!

Legal shooting light is an hour earlier than it was a week ago. For those keeping score at home, that sets the average elk hunter’s alarm clock somewhere between 3:30 and 4 a.m. Meanwhile an hour of fishable post-work sunlight just got lopped-off your afternoons. Congress has given us plenty of cause for concern in recent, Read More

“Pile of deer, by the big juniper…” whispered Steven from behind his binoculars. “Yep. There’s at least two bedded above them and to the right.” I whispered back, also glassing the opposite slope. After a slow start to the morning, we’d spotted this band of deer from a mile down canyon. Through the spotting, Read More

Not all that counts can be counted. Sometimes though, numbers can tell a story.