Happy Independence Day! May yours be spent enjoying our public lands — the fruit and foundation of our most genuine freedoms!

I’m not one to fish and tell, but there’s a fine line between keeping your honey-holes secret and writing manifestos in a shack in the woods.

It’s a big world, and these places, small and unlikely, sown far and wide, are indifferent to our discovery. They can’t be manufactured and they don’t come to you.

You greet 5 a.m. with your boots on, headed up-hill. By dawn, you are miles from camp and have a band of twelve elk in your binocular. They’re grazing lazily away from you along the opposite slope, flirting with rifle range in the early morning quiet. And like you, they are standing on public, Read More

Pop Quiz: 1) If a carpenter in San Juan County purchases a New Mexico fishing license for $25, and a hedge fund manager from Connecticut purchases a lifestyle ranch on the San Juan River for $6.8 million, which purchaser acquires constitutional protection of his individual rights? A) Neither. Rights can’t be bought or sold, Read More