Kids are in the back seat, headphones on, watching a new National Geographic DVD. Under the seat is a 12 gauge and six weight. Interspersed throughout the cab are stuffed animals, a fuzzy pink blanket, tripod, binoculars, sippy cups, and a soft sided cooler with enough snacks to feed a small army. Confined in the, Read More

Being cooped up inside during the long winter months can begin to wear on the whole family. There are a host of tried and true winter activities but it’s not always easy to get outside. Fishing, other than through ice, is not on most folks radar this time of year. Take this one step further and, Read More

“Are we almost home?” “My stomach hurts.” “I think I might throw up.” My brain was beginning to tell my lips to start moving in response to the first question, when I heard the convulsions begin. Going from sixty to zero in quick order, I pulled into the barrow ditch. Cold winter air hit my face, Read More

With all of our talk of focus, attention to detail,  reverence and reflection, our chosen pursuits may sometimes be mistaken for solemn, sacred endeavors. I can get on that bandwagon, heck often times I’m leading the charge. But at it’s core, we better be having some fun along the way. Laugh with your friends and at yourself. Follow the, Read More

The day is perfect. No one is on the river except us. Golden leaves adorn Cottonwoods along the bank. The sky is a deep blue laced with a few wispy clouds. Temps are in the low 60’s and there is nary a breath of wind. These days are rare. But everyone’s cranky. It’s nap time. Or, Read More

Extended backcountry trips are part of the fabric of my DNA. My wife is no different. When we had kids there were no intentions of throwing that part of our lives away. Admittedly, we were rocked as much as anyone with the birth of our daughter and it wasn’t until she was two that we decided to head, Read More

Big Horn, Shoshone, Yellowstone, Madison, Gibbon, Firehole, Snake, Wind. This could be a tick list of must fish Western trout water or the index of a fly fishing guide book. Instead it’s a list of rivers I passed by this past weekend, without stringing up a rod. Yet I couldn’t be happier. With a, Read More

The fireworks have already begun, not in earnest yet, but occasional pops and cracks are audible throughout the city. Coolers are filled with cold beer and lawn chairs line main streets across America. It’s our collective birthday and we have a lot to celebrate. This year my family was fortunate enough to be asked to, Read More

He hung in there for six hours. Fueled by gummy worms, twizzlers, and blue gatorade, he flogged the water with a thrift store rod and an indicator. Taking occasional pause to point out a seagull, cow, or family of geese, his focus was unwavering. For the first time all year sun screen was more, Read More

I love to hunt and fish more than most. It’s an urge I can hardlyresist, and I pursue it with reckless abandon. But not all of my mostenjoyable moments happen on the river or in the mountains.Recently, I coached my daughter’s first soccer game. My dad, whocoached my first game nearly thirty years ago,, Read More