You’ve puzzled over the question since childhood. Why can’t the magic of Christmas last all year long? Well I can’t offer any elf magic, but I do know how to eke a few more days of house warming aromas from the holiday feast, and how to jar joy and satisfaction for later use: Elk, Read More

When I was a boy, I spent much of each fall and winter in the backseat, driving hither and yon with my parents to assorted sporting events. I went to hundreds of games, all over the country, and each meant the world to me at the time, but today I can’t remember squat about, Read More

It’s cold out there. After a long day in the duck blind your fingers are frozen, your nose is nippy and your cheeks are cherry red. A salad just aint gonna cut it. You need something hot, hearty and wholesome. Step on in to the STS Bar and Grill where the woodstove is cranking, Read More