It might have been more awkward had we been mormons, or baptists, crossing paths in the liquor store, but I doubt it. I’d timed my visit to avoid the regulars and the old hands. Conditions were near perfect at the town run. No way the seasoned vets wouldn’t have pawned their shifts off on, Read More

It’s true what they say. The gap between more and enough never closes.

The garage is a certifiable disaster area. You’ve got to fix the front porch steps. That last cord isn’t going to stack itself. And, at this point, it’s best not to even think about the state of the fishing kit. Entropy is merciless. It knows when you’re off chasing critters, and it takes advantage, Read More

Years ago I read an account of a contemporary deer hunt in Gray’s Sporting Journal in which the author, after making the kill, swore to the animal that he wouldn’t waste any part of her. “Not one ounce,” he wrote. I don’t remember much else about the story, but that piece has stuck with, Read More

“Alright Bud, pick a winner,” I said. Despite George Daniel’s best efforts, I often shoot from the hip when selecting nymphs. I have a handful of go-tos for each of my home waters, but once they’re exhausted, so too are my ideas. Sure, I roll rocks and I reason backwards from recent hatches, but, Read More

I’m not sure which was more embarrassing, tethering some red string to a hook and calling it “fly tying” or resorting to the worm and calling it “angling”.

“Mama, why is Dada crying?” “That’s the sound of failure son. Avert your eyes. It’s impolite to stare at someone’s shame.” Wyoming winters are long, dark and cold. Not being a snow-sports person, I’ve cast about for years, with increasing desperation, for an activity that will help keep me sane from the end of, Read More