Lucas Carroll is passionate about family, fishing and photography, in ways that can be matched by few.

The next few hours are a blur. Yet they might have been the highlight of the trip.

Her head and neck were covered in feces. The color and consistency led me to believe it was human. In a panic I made several wild motions complimented with a few guttural utterances that let the dog know I didn’t want her anywhere near me or the truck.

I’ve kept pretty quiet about my favorite winter pursuit. But as the mercury rises, rainbows start to move, and larger groups of anglers begin to awake from winter slumber, I’m ready to fess up. For the last couple of months I’ve spent my spare time swinging a two handed rod in relative solitude.

The forecast called for high winds, but we thought they would be moderate. The high for the day was supposed to be unseasonably warm. If the Wind didn’t live up to expectations we would be in for a great day on the water.  So we loaded up all the kids, hitched up the boat, and headed, Read More

The garage is a certifiable disaster area. You’ve got to fix the front porch steps. That last cord isn’t going to stack itself. And, at this point, it’s best not to even think about the state of the fishing kit. Entropy is merciless. It knows when you’re off chasing critters, and it takes advantage, Read More

For months we had our fingers crossed. Eying snow reports and talking to the few who had been in the mountains, we were cautiously optimistic. Despite a big snow year we had a shot at hitting it right. A few days too early and ice would cover the high alpine lakes we hoped to, Read More

My heart wasn’t in it. After ten days on the road I wanted to point my rented Subaru north and call it a trip. But I was committed. I was scheduled to rendezvous with three of my friends for a cutt-slam-in-a-day adventure, a reunion of sorts for a similar adventure we had done the year before., Read More

Sluggish in the heart of winter, they rarely come to the surface. Small nymphs drifting by their nose comprise the bulk of their diet. A move of more than a few inches constitutes significant effort. With trout lurking in deep pools, some of us moth ball the fishing gear until spring, waiting for the bugs to, Read More

Snow stacks up on the windowsill and in the mountains. It’s good for fish, good for grass, good for ungulates.  Those are fleeting thoughts in the back of my mind. Mostly I keep my eye on the snow report at the local ski area. I take a leisurely morning to clean the garage and, Read More