There would be no recovery. You would think the rod was an heirloom based upon the tantrum that followed. To the three year, old it didn’t matter that it was a freebie from a local thrift store.

My son pulls his camo ball cap tight over his eyes. My daughter grabs her leotard and jumps out of the car. She has gymnastics for the next two and a half hours. The boys are headed to the hills. For nearly two weeks we’ve been running in high gear. My wife has been, Read More

Kids are in the back seat, headphones on, watching a new National Geographic DVD. Under the seat is a 12 gauge and six weight. Interspersed throughout the cab are stuffed animals, a fuzzy pink blanket, tripod, binoculars, sippy cups, and a soft sided cooler with enough snacks to feed a small army. Confined in the, Read More

“So…there is something I haven’t told you yet” I said to my buddy as we made last minute arrangements for an out of state bird hunt. “Uh…all right lets’s hear it.” “Well…I’m bringing Grady.” Silence “Not for the whole trip,” I pressed on. “We are going to rendezvous with my Dad in Montana and drop, Read More

We were a couple hours into a five day river trip when the current grabbed his rod and pulled under. I looked behind the boat just in time to see it sink to the bottom. There would be no recovery.

He hung in there for six hours. Fueled by gummy worms, twizzlers, and blue gatorade, he flogged the water with a thrift store rod and an indicator. Taking occasional pause to point out a seagull, cow, or family of geese, his focus was unwavering. For the first time all year sun screen was more, Read More

I love to hunt and fish more than most. It’s an urge I can hardlyresist, and I pursue it with reckless abandon. But not all of my mostenjoyable moments happen on the river or in the mountains.Recently, I coached my daughter’s first soccer game. My dad, whocoached my first game nearly thirty years ago,, Read More

“Alright Bud, pick a winner,” I said. Despite George Daniel’s best efforts, I often shoot from the hip when selecting nymphs. I have a handful of go-tos for each of my home waters, but once they’re exhausted, so too are my ideas. Sure, I roll rocks and I reason backwards from recent hatches, but, Read More

As a father of four, passionate angler, and incredibly talented photographer, Rob Yaskovic is the kind of guy we admire. He gets big points for raising four children. But it’s Rob’s creative vision behind the lens that first captured our attention. Photography has been Rob’s passion since he was a teenager and he has honed his, Read More

Mom is gone on a long work trip. The pizza boxes are beginning to stack up. The truck floor is littered with string cheese wrappers and doughnut crumbs. Fueled by enthusiasm, and sugar, the kids and I have been getting after it for over a week. We have had a ton of fun, but I’ll, Read More