Summer hit hard this year. Before I knew what happened we were BBQ’ing, wearing flip flops, and drinking cold beers in the yard while watching the sun set over the mountains. I look forward to summer because it means fall is getting closer. I don’t like hot weather. But June is my favorite month of the  season. On, Read More

The day is perfect. No one is on the river except us. Golden leaves adorn Cottonwoods along the bank. The sky is a deep blue laced with a few wispy clouds. Temps are in the low 60’s and there is nary a breath of wind. These days are rare. But everyone’s cranky. It’s nap, Read More

Impatiently, he surveyed the clearing and with it the motionless pack of camo-clad men laying between him and the other bull.

Moving slowly between junipers and into some large cottonwoods. It wasn’t long before I spotted three does grazing. Fifteen minutes later I was within 75 yards and in position for a comfortable shot.

As you plan your next hunting or fishing trip, put some thought into who you invite to go with you. It might be the most important decision you make.

I’m not a salty veteran of multi-day river trips. My roots are in the mountains, with lots of experience carrying a backpack on extended expeditions. But for a variety or reasons, river trips have become our favorite way to recreate as a family. In the process we have been honing our skills as we learn, Read More

By Garrett Munson When your primary job each fall is to fill the freezer with wild game meat for your family to eat for the coming year, you know you live a good life – a life many fellow Montanans cherish. My young kids are not too interested in hunting stories – they want results – so the job pressure is, Read More

Traveling to far flung destinations, going deep into the backcountry, or being on a river for days is awesome. We try to do it as much as possible. But short trips close to home are underrated. Recently, we decided to camp for one night with our family, only fifteen minutes from town. Talking to a, Read More

My son was giddy when I picked him up early from school. We’d been talking about this day for months, uncertain when it would finally come. It snuck up on us at last. Driving together in the pickup we had thirty minutes until we were all reunited. I’ll admit, I was giddy too. There are, Read More

The girls decided to stay in the truck. Hand in hand we walked up the shallow ridge going over our game plan. We needed to be quiet. It was important to follow directions. Plugging your ears was ok. Being sneaky was our goal. Peeking over the ridge we spotted them, right where we anticipated, Read More