I hadn’t missed it exactly, but hot damn is it good to be sight fishing again.

“Hump had taken a helluva beating, but the kids kept calling for more fish. I tried to talk him out of it. ‘Just look at yourself’, I said. ‘Get back in the box… you’re through, you’ve done enough’. But there was no talking to him.” – Specialist Adams, Parachute Squadron  “Did Copeland ask too much, Read More

We’re all chasing something. In fact, the human condition can be fairly described in terms of pursuit. Thomas Jefferson all but did so in the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence. Most major religious traditions, however, take a dour view of this facet of humanity. “Desire is the root cause of suffering,” said the Buddha. We, Read More

It was like we’d been bewitched by Sirens. If we ended up on the rocks, so be it. Leaving those risers with out consummation was not an option.

The horizon dropped away from the bow and for six long seconds the world contracted into torque and turbulence, angles and adrenaline, surges and slides. Then stillness.

A strong do it yourself current runs through the fly fishing community. It’s powerful enough to pull a decidedly unhandy Andy like myself into tying my own flies and building my own leaders. The more talented among us even build their own rods, boats and landing-nets. The technology and engineering required of much modern, Read More