The day is perfect. No one is on the river except us. Golden leaves adorn Cottonwoods along the bank. The sky is a deep blue laced with a few wispy clouds. Temps are in the low 60’s and there is nary a breath of wind. These days are rare. But everyone’s cranky. It’s nap, Read More

Cruising down the two lane highway the world lights up with colors only seen during the first few moments of the day. Looking back I take a final look at the sunrise as I pull the boat towards the river.

After years of talk we finally pulled the trigger and got a boat. We had debated the merits of a raft vs. drift boat, new vs. used, and mostly how the heck we could pay for either. In the end a used drift boat with a price we couldn’t resist fell into our lap. It’s, Read More

“There are guides who have fallen out of the boat and those who have not…yet.” quipped my buddy merely a few weeks ago. The day after he spoke those words my son fell out of the boat for the first time. While not exactly a fishing guide, I fall into the not yet category. Until, Read More

The text messages started at 6:59 am: “I might have to bail. I will find out just before 8. See you at store.” “I have been cramping in my calf all night. Damn sore.” “Did the river blow out due to rain last night?” The writing appeared to be on the wall. Throwing out, Read More

The morning started with coffee, getting kids off to school, and then heading to the river.By early afternoon we were into fish, wrists sunburned, and lost in the day.We watched the sunset form the tailgate, satiated by a much appreciated day on the river.        

Drinking in the recirculating air of the terminal, a day on the water sounded like a welcome respite. With the clock creeping near 10pm I had my fingers crossed that the last leg of my flight would come to pass. “Cancelled” and “delayed” were the most common words on every monitor. Customer service lines were, Read More

The sun dips in the Western Sky. Water rushes past but the river is empty. The boat hardly makes a sound as it is lowered into the water. No words are spoken as the boat is coaxed to a speed that matches the fly. All eyes are transfixed on one spot, filled with optimism, that at, Read More

He hung in there for six hours. Fueled by gummy worms, twizzlers, and blue gatorade, he flogged the water with a thrift store rod and an indicator. Taking occasional pause to point out a seagull, cow, or family of geese, his focus was unwavering. For the first time all year sun screen was more, Read More

The clock reads 4:15am. The alarm is set for 4:45am. A few minutes pass and I decide attempting to sleep any more is futile. Like a kid on Christmas, I still have trouble sleeping when I’m heading out early to hunt or fish. I toss and turn and often am up before the alarm goes, Read More