Given enough time it happens to all of them. Dogs get sprayed by skunks, bird dogs a bit more often. Skunks live in nearly every part of the country and in all sorts of environments. Dogs have a way of seeking them out like laser guided missiles. It’s not a matter of if, but when, your dog will be sprayed.

We met sometime around kindergarten and have been friends ever since – roughly thirty years. As kids we built pea-shooters and forts, and spent afternoons playing with legos. When we got drivers licenses we had matching mid 80’s two wheel drive Toyota pickups. We figured if you brought both that equaled four wheel drive and we, Read More

A strong do it yourself current runs through the fly fishing community. It’s powerful enough to pull a decidedly unhandy Andy like myself into tying my own flies and building my own leaders. The more talented among us even build their own rods, boats and landing-nets. The technology and engineering required of much modern, Read More

“Seriously, we didn’t bring any duct tape!? Sewing needle anyone?” I asked, hopeful but not optimistic. “Nope,” replied Louis, “but we’ve got plenty of fish hooks.” “Huh… interesting… thread?” I pressed, sensing potential. “I have a little dental floss,” offered Steven. “Tippet!” I exclaimed, suddenly inspired. And with that I had a plan. Knowledge, Read More

Have backpack rides and fish shows lost their appeasement power? If demands for greater participation are chipping away at your USOB, consider deploying a faux fly rod. This bit of DIY stream-side gear can provide the time and elbow room you need to put the sneak on that rising rainbow around the bend. Here’s, Read More