By Kirk Billings We had discussed it and we’d agreed. We were upland hunting and not waterfowling. Besides, we had never seen ducks in the area, so why would I spring for an out of state license to play to an outside chance? We were looking for pheasant and the birds already knew it., Read More

Coffee coursed through my veins. My trap was running well above the speed limit. “SHEEP” yelled my buddy from the passenger seat, just in time for me to step on the breaks and avoid a ewe and lamb big horn crossing the highway. It was an unusual sighting, but that hardly registered at the, Read More

With all of our talk of focus, attention to detail,  reverence and reflection, our chosen pursuits may sometimes be mistaken for solemn, sacred endeavors. I can get on that bandwagon, heck often times I’m leading the charge. But at it’s core, we better be having some fun along the way. Laugh with your friends and at yourself. Follow the, Read More

Dogs fly out of their kennels. An energetic ball of dust builds with each concentric circle. Coolers, duffels, and water jugs litter the ground. Chaos is distilled into organization. Camp is established.

Huge fish, big bulls, grip and grins, hero shots, we all love them. But the quality of our experience rarely has much to do with the quarry. Here’s what a trophy looks like (How I lucked out and landed the one above I’ll never know): Good friends…outshine a 180 inch Muley any day. Kids…about the, Read More

At night the desert is home to the trickster. Tonight we invade his territory.

My wife is smarter and more meticulous than I am. She is in charge when it comes to packing our cooler.

Kirk Billings is one of those guys who just seems to be good at everything and really good at the things he likes best. He’s formerly an elite rock climber (although I wouldn’t doubt his abilities off the couch), who still has his picture on the cover of the local guidebook. He is a, Read More

We’ve known each other for years. In the days when I spent more time with a belay device in my hand than a fly rod, we climbed together often. But geography and time pulled us apart. So I was thrilled when Toby called and said he wanted to come visit. It was an opportunity, Read More

The Talisker 10, from Scotland’s Isle of Skye, has been one of my favorite single malts for quite some time. It has a one of a kind flavor that is complex, slightly smoky, yet extremely smooth. So when I heard of the limited edition Talisker Storm, that was supposed to accentuate all the traits, Read More