Matt recently shared some hard learned advice for how to get better fish photos when handling fish in front of the lens. Well, it takes two to tango, and the one holding the camera also has a lot to do with how the final product turns out. Here’s a handful of behind the lens tips, Read More

  STS has, thus far, published 148 photographs of fish, some better than others. (Read some taken by Steven, others by me). For every shot that’s made the cut though, a half-dozen or more pics were made unusable by simple mistakes. Their Achilles’ heels were sometimes technical, but as often as not, the fatal, Read More

“Boys, wait your turn!” says Ayden with the authority of a 5 year old vice-principal. “Pet that rainbow,” grunts Grady, disregarding his big sister, throwing a territorial elbow and leaning precariously over the gunwale. “Dada, Dada… I wanna… I wanna,” whines Everett, scrambling frantically over the oars and lunging into the fray. I doubt, Read More