A bloated, dead cow bobbed by, accentuating that the river meant business. The river had begun its annual cleansing ritual.

We drove higher up the steadily shrinking dirt road looking for a decent spot to camp. Our options were diminishing. We just needed a spot for one night. It was Memorial Day weekend and every campground was full. Several Forest Service roads still had not opened for the season. A fact we did not realize, Read More

Will the family all in on the action we caught fish until we were too tired to continue. Satiated, we roasted marshmallows over a fire, discussed the finer points of making smores, weather or not fish have tongues, and why we can’t hunt domestic cows.

Thanksgiving leftovers are still in the fridge. My wife is hanging christmas lights and adorning our home with other assorted holiday decorations. But with a full freezer and winter settling in my thoughts are turning to next year’s river trips. Sure it’s a bit early, but then again maybe not. Depending on what you, Read More

  I had two of my four bags on the platform when the train started to move. The third duffle clipped the closing door as I chucked it. It ended up under the train. Jumping, I faired slightly better myself, decking hard on the concrete station floor with the backpack. I came up rolling, Read More

Traveling to far flung destinations, going deep into the backcountry, or being on a river for days is awesome. We try to do it as much as possible. But short trips close to home are underrated. Recently, we decided to camp for one night with our family, only fifteen minutes from town. Talking to a, Read More

We pointed the truck south without a single rod or gun. Instead we had the whole family, one canoe, a weeks worth of food, and visions of life on a desert river. It didn’t disappoint. River living is hard to beat. The pace of life slows down. Water sounds drown-out front country distractions. The gentle rhythm, Read More

At night the desert is home to the trickster. Tonight we invade his territory.

“Is the otter awake Dada?” asked my four year old, sleepy eyed and soft as he strolled onto the little sand beach. He’d silently navigated fifty yards of forest between the tent and me, and materialized at the tree line as casual and unaffected as he would have in our kitchen back home. “Good, Read More

We wanted to get out of town. Even if just for a night, an evening of camping would do us all good. While snow was melting and beginning to loosen it’s grip on the high country many of our favorite spots were still inaccessible. Rumors of a perfect brook trout stream, nestled in a seldom visited, Read More