Then the line came tight. A large swirl followed and I got my first glimpse of what was on the line. This wasn’t your average trout. My son had the net at the ready and forgot all his previous reasons to go home.

I hadn’t missed it exactly, but hot damn is it good to be sight fishing again.

It’s true what they say. The gap between more and enough never closes.

He’s down there. That’s beyond dispute, an open secret. Any fool can look at that deep, dark, juicy run and know, without further evidence, that it holds fish… lots of fish… big, fat, healthy fish. The only question, really, is what you’re going to do with that information once those fish have ignored your, Read More

The world keeps a ledger Coach Mack said . Where you stand in life is nothing but a simple accounting of your decisions to that point. You gotta think about that bottom line before you make up your mind…

Wind kicked up debris. Water sprayed across the bow of the boat. Anchored, I sat hunkered as my buddy slowly waded down the bank. A big nose had poked out of the grey water. Despite several attempts the fish was not seen again. Editing photos that night something caught my eye. Something out of, Read More

“It’s okay,” said Steven in a clipped, slightly strangled tone. He was kneeling in the riverbed, gazing into the middle distance as he spoke, as though looking for his happy place. I’d had it by the tail four seconds earlier – if not his happy place exactly, certainly a reasonable five-pound stand-in. But like, Read More

He’s peering skeptically from behind a boulder at a shin-deep seam that looks to be another of his son-in-law’s eccentricities. The koi pond back home in Florida looks more promising. Fishing? Sure, he loves fishing, been doing it all his life. 360 degrees of Gulf Stream blue horizon, a mile of water under the, Read More

We stared at each other for two minutes in the crisp morning air as the sun peaked over nearby hills. The adolescent moose made the first move, circling around knobby knees, nose to the ground, like a dog setting its bed, once, twice… Then it charged. With a two year old on my back, Read More

“What’s the temperature out there?” is usually the first questions I get when catching up with east coast family and friends on the phone. “Ten below this morning… but it’s a dry cold, really not that uncomfortable,” is typically met with a snort of derision or a dismissive chuckle. “I’ll take it over a, Read More