An up close fly by of the river had everyone salivating to rig up our rods.

Days go by without as much as a peck. Doubt begins to creep in. Are there any fish in the river? Should I change flies? Is my swing too fast…too slow? Why does my rain coat leak?

At times I effortlessly bomb casts with confidence, fishing with the certainty that the next swing will connect. Then it all falls apart. I blow my anchor, get tangled in running line, try to muscle the cast.

Almost imperceptible streaks of water seep through jacket cuffs, working their way up my arms. With every sweep it creeps just a tad farther. Squinting through drops of rain on my sunglasses I aim another cast to where tree line meets a cloudy mist. The fly hits the water and I strive to maintain focus. Confidence is key, but, Read More

I’m not ready to concede the cliche “it’s the journey not the destination that matters” is true in all cases. I’m usually headed somewhere for a reason, so to say it simply doesn’t matter seems overstated. Generally speaking though it’s a good axiom for life; a metaphor that you can tip your hat to, Read More