To me it was a smaller than average buck that I assumed was the first antelope shot by someone from the midwest, who would soon have it hang in in a basement rec-room. I might have been right, but Kim saw so much more.

Over the years I’ve done a handful of european mounts myself. It’s always tedious and doesn’t turn out as well as it would if done by a professional. But I like the process and often don’t want to throw down the money to have a taxidermist do the job. This year I had decent, Read More

To say he wanted to hunt badly would be an understatement. I wasn’t sure we were going to make it a reality. Until we did. Despite his enthusiasm he conked out in the backseat as we headed down progressively smaller roads, for an evening deer hunt. We pulled up to the ranch and began glassing. Ignoring, Read More

It’s not the where the meat of the adventure takes place, but it’s often where it begins or ends. The tailgate. A launch pad and a landing zone. Gear is organized and prepared for what lies ahead. Waders or boots are pulled off upon return and exchanged for sandals and loose sneakers. It serves as, Read More

Each year, as summer comes to a conclusion we become giddy about Fall. Glassing elk high on mountain ridges and schlepping heavy loads if you are lucky.  Cooling water temps that lead to aggressive takes. Roosters erupting like fireworks and brought to hand through good dog work. It all adds up to what makes, Read More

The girls decided to stay in the truck. Hand in hand we walked up the shallow ridge going over our game plan. We needed to be quiet. It was important to follow directions. Plugging your ears was ok. Being sneaky was our goal. Peeking over the ridge we spotted them, right where we anticipated, Read More

I play at predator each fall. What hours I can spare from making a living, I spend slinking around the mountains and sagebrush steppe. In a good year I’ll kill an antelope, an elk, maybe a deer and a few birds. These I bring home to my family, where I pour more hours, and more love,, Read More