The garage is a certifiable disaster area. You’ve got to fix the front porch steps. That last cord isn’t going to stack itself. And, at this point, it’s best not to even think about the state of the fishing kit. Entropy is merciless. It knows when you’re off chasing critters, and it takes advantage, Read More

“Interested in fishing this afternoon?” asked Steven. Knowing from experience that Steven’s enthusiasm occasionally outpaces his judgment in these matters, I gave his question serious thought before answering. The idea had some obvious shortcomings…most notably that the thermometer read 9 degrees. On the other hand, the day was young, sunny and still. Standing there, Read More

“Boys, wait your turn!” says Ayden with the authority of a 5 year old vice-principal. “Pet that rainbow,” grunts Grady, disregarding his big sister, throwing a territorial elbow and leaning precariously over the gunwale. “Dada, Dada… I wanna… I wanna,” whines Everett, scrambling frantically over the oars and lunging into the fray. I doubt, Read More

A sad truth lies hidden between the columns of the typical USOB ledger*… The system is rigged, and – as a responsible, gainfully employed, parent and spouse with obligations and expectations – not in your favor. Thrift and a disciplined deposit schedule are, as we’ve discussed, fundamental aspects of any successful USOB wealth building, Read More

On a recent fishing trip to Florida, my son caught himself dinner for the first time. He’s into picking and eating veggies from the garden back home but let’s be honest, broccoli’s got nothing on mangrove snapper.  I used to believe that the backcountry was the world’s best seasoning. Turns out it’s only a, Read More

Meat, as we’ve discussed, is a fundamental USOB asset.  Keep bringing it home, and you’re more likely to score the hall pass for a trip to go get more. Take it up a notch though, by fixing a knock their socks off supper, and you’ll get unsolicited inquiries into when you’re going hunting again., Read More

117 antelope hunt areas, 130 elk hunt areas and 171 deer hunt areas make a jigsaw puzzle of Wyoming. Each species specific area offers multiple license types, features different season dates, and is subject to slightly different permit, equipment, rack-size and access regulations. As a non-disabled, non-veteran, Wyoming resident  of adult age, who is younger, Read More

So I’ve had folks yell “USOB” in my direction on more than one occasion. But when it comes to whatever Matt is writing about I honestly haven’t a clue. Open disclosure, I have a liberal arts degree, so not much math or economics. Additionally, Matt is just plain smarter than I am. While you all are, Read More

So here’s the premise. Matt and I go fishing, with each of our sons. My wife and daughter are at some type of ladies event and Matt just wants to get out. For the record, Matt’s son is 3 and mine is 2. Our kids are intermittently walking, playing with various found implements of, Read More