Legend has it that William Carlos Williams left a masterpiece of American poetry by way of apology and thank you note to his hosts after raiding their icebox. We should all be so kind.

If you recognize these symptoms, please, seek help immediately at your nearest skeet and trap range, dog hiking trail or tailwater. And remember, you’re not alone.

It doesn’t come with a time stamp. There’re no ghostly green forms, no shining eyes, no startled expressions. If it contains clues to trophy status, they’re invisible to me.

Experiences shared in the field are different from those of life in town. The terrain and the elements raise the stakes and narrow the margins for error. Guns and knives at use in close quarters demand a rare level of reciprocal faith. The unavoidable intimacy of life and death made immediate bonds people. So, Read More

Yesterday I was risking sunburn and drinking gin and tonics. Today a chain law was in effect. Grouse about it all you want, but in Wyoming this is how it works. And it’s not just the weather. Wyoming is rough around the edges.

It’s a big world, and these places, small and unlikely, sown far and wide, are indifferent to our discovery. They can’t be manufactured and they don’t come to you.

I grinned, expecting a punchline, but he’d said all he had to say. The sound of outbound flyline singing through the guides was his only response.

You live in a proud community which is chock full of admirable institutions and civic virtue. In all likelihood I’ve never been there, but I’ve experienced enough places to make that claim with confidence. I’m equally confident asserting that the local fly shop does more for you and your corner of the world than, Read More

You’d damn near talked yourself into it too. You almost got yourself to believe that an unvarnished skunking, wasn’t so bad, that it wouldn’t rankle until your next time out, that it wasn’t like finding coal in your Christmas stocking.

The thing is, we’re really not that complicated. Each of us, you see, has these buttons. Push them and things happen. The trouble didn’t turn up until we handed the buttons over to the robots.