And let us be clear. We are being disregarded. The Senators and state governments who’ve led us down this path to the brink of unthinkable calamity have sized us up, taken our measure and deemed us impotent.

Six days, five nights and one of the most impressive rivers in the lower forty eight. Cut through the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, the Middle Fork of the Salmon is as good as it gets.

Not every day has to be a hardcore adventure. Sometimes you just need to move.

I’m not suggesting you spend the dory fund on lawn-care equipment. But lets give credit where it’s due.

Nymphing is, at heart ,an exercise in groping around in the dark. Sounds familiar….

It’s a nice counterpoint, the way water chooses to travel. No clock, no speedometer, just the path of least resistance back home to the ocean.

The bugs pelt the water in sheets, like winged sleet on every fresh breeze, prompting a feed that feels lewd to me, somehow indecent.

For our next trip the kids demanded we bring two sponges, I’m more than happy to comply with their demand.

Happy Independence Day! May yours be spent enjoying our public lands — the fruit and foundation of our most genuine freedoms!

Let’s face it. Shooting clays is to hunting birds what Game ranch is to Wilderness Sitcom is to Shakespeare Veggies are to venison Friend-zone is to first kiss Randy Savage is to Rulon Gardner Coffee-mate is to cream Teddy is to grizzly Gas is to charcoal Fluorescent is to full sun Pool is to, Read More