While most folks barely noticed, we stopped publishing on STS this summer. A few have asked what happened to us. We should have said something sooner.

You don’t need big water for big teeth or big adventure.

Ever wonder what it’s like to crawl into a lion den… face first? This week something a little different, an installment from Matt’s weekly WyoFile series, “Wyoming Know How.”

Were I a cartoon, the challenge would be represented by a devil on each shoulder, each whispering in my ear — damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

In the house he can be a nightmare. His energy overflows in unproductive ways that drive our entire family crazy. But hit the road with plans to hunt, and all that energy finds a custom fit outlet. It’s as though he becomes a different person.

Finding birds is gratifying under any circumstance out here, but doing so in a place that’s new to you, based on a hunch, some map study, and a hefty dose of legwork is triply so.

We have a lot to be thankful for here at STS headquarters, and a lot to be excited about looking forward.

What’s better than a great find, flush and retrieve? Doing it with an audience and bragging rights on the line.

I grew up with the gun knowing that it would always shoot where I pointed it, for better or for worse, so I should make sure I was pointing it where I needed it to shoot.

Once you’ve cut and paste it into your own document, all you need to do is customize it fit your plans, preferences and personal gear inventory.