Chef’s are underrated.  The products of a gifted Chef de Cuisine should, by my estimation, rate right alongside those of lauded musicians, painters, dancers and poets. Maybe they get short shrift because of the transitory nature of their art – it will all eventually, literally, become crap.  That seems unfair to me. But maybe, Read More

Quarterly I receive a shipment of beer from my father-in-law. This has been going on for nearly ten years. It started with a house warming present meant for his daughter. A care package that, along with some other goodies, included a couple bottles of beer. I drank the beer and sent a thank you, Read More

I can no more explain why I hunt than I can explain why I read. I have reasons – because others must die for me to live, and I’m resolved to do my own killing; because it’s the most sensually vibrant and emotionally complex way I know of to experience the natural world; because, Read More

If your going to be cooking you should have some tunes on. I’m not a music buff. Don’t know many bands. Trey and I weren’t buddies growing up and I never followed Ian Tyson around Alberta. But somewhere along the line I was introduced to The Gourds. My affinity grew during a couple year, Read More

Bourbon is just outside my wheelhouse. I drink scotch mostly, but I like bourbon enough that I usually have at least one bottle in the cabinet. On a couple of recent backcountry trips Basil Hayden’s bourbon has ben the whiskey that earned the nod. Bringing it has become a bit of a habit and, Read More

For comfort and recuperation, nothing beats a roast.  Threw your back out doing yard work?  No worries. Shattered a window in your truck? Don’t sweat it. Pierced your kid’s ear with a low flying streamer? That’s okay.  A slow-cooked hunk of personally harvested meat is good for whatever ails you. But what to do, Read More

It’s summer time and many are turning to gin & tonics or a hefeweizen. Not my dad. He’s a scotch drinker, and not to be dissuaded by hot weather. Recently he came for a visit and he stuck a bottle of Laproaig Quarter Cask in the freezer. To some this would be considered blasphemy, but, Read More

On a recent fishing trip to Florida, my son caught himself dinner for the first time. He’s into picking and eating veggies from the garden back home but let’s be honest, broccoli’s got nothing on mangrove snapper.  I used to believe that the backcountry was the world’s best seasoning. Turns out it’s only a, Read More

  It’s six o’clock Friday afternoon. Your kid’s been sick all week, your sleep deprived, work-stressed wife has a headache, and supper-time is about to expire with you down 0-3. Time to settle for a box of mac and cheese, and kiss tomorrow morning’s fishing excursion goodbye, right? Not so fast! Go deep with a, Read More

Admittedly, I’m not much for cooking and taking the time to make a mixed drink isn’t my style either. However, following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather before me I have developed a liking for single malt scotch. Here’s one to put in the quiver if you haven’t already. Bruichladdich: The Laddie, Read More