You’ve puzzled over the question since childhood. Why can’t the magic of Christmas last all year long? Well I can’t offer any elf magic, but I do know how to eke a few more days of house warming aromas from the holiday feast, and how to jar joy and satisfaction for later use: Elk, Read More

Flaughter: spade used to remove the top layer of peat which is richer and more rooty. Every now and then a whisky catches me by surprise. For a couple of years I’ve been enthralled by the story of anCnoc (not a misspelling) whiskeys, made at the Knockdhu distillery in Scotland’s Speyside region. With roots, Read More

I didn’t waste time surveying the scene on the way in. Twilight was darkening to evening, the wind was picking up and the temperature was falling fast on the high divide. That the Miner’s Delight Inn offered shelter was all I needed to know before hurrying inside. But with damp layers hung by the, Read More

The tenderloins were the first to go. The backstraps weren’t far behind. You then spent the rest of the year whittling your way through the sirloins, round steaks, roasts, and burger meat, keeping one eye on the calendar and the other on the inventory. This year you were going to pace it just right. But, Read More

Kirk Billings is one of those guys who just seems to be good at everything and really good at the things he likes best. He’s formerly an elite rock climber (although I wouldn’t doubt his abilities off the couch), who still has his picture on the cover of the local guidebook. He is a, Read More

Mother Nature plays a cruel game of cat and mouse this time of year in the Northern Rockies. After three or four months of sustained cold and dark, she tempts hope with a few deliciously gentle spring days, then bares her claws and swats us back into winter. It can be a frustrating process, Read More

The Talisker 10, from Scotland’s Isle of Skye, has been one of my favorite single malts for quite some time. It has a one of a kind flavor that is complex, slightly smoky, yet extremely smooth. So when I heard of the limited edition Talisker Storm, that was supposed to accentuate all the traits, Read More

When I was a boy, I spent much of each fall and winter in the backseat, driving hither and yon with my parents to assorted sporting events. I went to hundreds of games, all over the country, and each meant the world to me at the time, but today I can’t remember squat about, Read More

It’s cold out there. After a long day in the duck blind your fingers are frozen, your nose is nippy and your cheeks are cherry red. A salad just aint gonna cut it. You need something hot, hearty and wholesome. Step on in to the STS Bar and Grill where the woodstove is cranking, Read More

I’m often asked what is my favorite scotch. My short answer is I don’t have one. One of the best things about scotch is that every batch, not to mention distiller or expression, is different. So while I have a few go to’s in my closet I like to have a variety of styles, Read More