Turns out you can learn a lot from a six-year-old with a book. You may even land a whole new way to enjoy the beach.

I guess you need to know that I’m a beer snob. Well, not a snob really, it’s just self-deprecating shorthand to describe what I really am, a bona fide, card carrying beer judge, a connoisseur of beer style and the application of that style at the appropriate time and place. Because it enhances my, Read More

Somewhere deep in the unknowable past one of our ancestors looked at this creature and thought… I’m going to eat that. God bless him.

Jesus fed the multitudes with two fishes and five loaves. I’m not sure I’d shoot for His ratio, but I think the moral of the parable is clear. Man does not live by trout alone. Bring a good boat lunch.

What to do with all the free-range, organic, grass fed, fair trade, non-GMO, shade grown, hand harvested, artisinally butchered, small batch, low fat, gluten-free, dolphin friendly, lightly perforated white-meat cluttering your freezer? Chuckar Poppers!

The Talisker 10, from Scotland’s Isle of Skye, has been one of my favorite single malts for quite some time. It has a one of a kind flavor that is complex, slightly smoky, yet extremely smooth. So when I heard of the limited edition Talisker Storm, that was supposed to accentuate all the traits, Read More

Chef’s are underrated. The products of a gifted Chef de Cuisine should, by my estimation, rate right alongside those of lauded musicians, painters, dancers and poets. Maybe they get short shrift because of the transitory nature of their art – it will all eventually, literally, become crap. That seems unfair to me. But maybe, Read More

I can no more explain why I hunt than I can explain why I read. I have reasons – because others must die for me to live, and I’m resolved to do my own killing; because it’s the most sensually vibrant and emotionally complex way I know of to experience the natural world; because, Read More

The gauchos of Patagonia know a thing or two about meat, and more than their fair share about staying well fed in open country. It’s only natural than that the tradition-rich South American cowboy culture invented asado. You don’t have to live your life horseback in the highlands to appreciate this immersive culinary experience, Read More

Regardless of the situation there is likely a single malt to match. Learning about the various distilleries, expressions, production methods, and the unique taste every batch produces is what I find fascinating about scotch. So here’s a virtual tour of what’s in my cabinet today and a few notes about each. Maybe it will give you, Read More