When I began my apprenticeship as an alpinist, someone told me, “to be successful in the mountains, one’s ability to suffer is mandatory.” Turns out it’s helpful in elk hunting too.

Lucas Carroll is passionate about family, fishing and photography, in ways that can be matched by few.

To me it was a smaller than average buck that I assumed was the first antelope shot by someone from the midwest, who would soon have it hang in in a basement rec-room. I might have been right, but Kim saw so much more.

Pristine mountain lakes, streams flowing through meadows full of wildflowers, places where you see no sign of human activity, only rising trout. These are the places we dream about, and if we are lucky, get to go. But lately the underbelly of  less heralded waters has garnered my attention. At first I thought it was just one of my, Read More

It’s the second largest state in the union, yet contains only two percent public land. High fences abound and expensive private leases are often required to hunt or fish, making it easy to write off Texas as a destination for the average sportsmen. However this winter my eyes were opened to another side of the Lone, Read More

Purple mountain majesties get all the ink. But for every picture-postcard perfect acre of Tetons, Big Horns or Snowys in Wyoming, there are ten of high desert sagebrush steppe – and they do the heavy lifting. They never make the movies or the magazine covers. They just make the antelope, sage grouse and elbow, Read More

Matt recently shared some hard learned advice for how to get better fish photos when handling fish in front of the lens. Well, it takes two to tango, and the one holding the camera also has a lot to do with how the final product turns out. Here’s a handful of behind the lens tips, Read More

  STS has, thus far, published 148 photographs of fish, some better than others. (Read some taken by Steven, others by me). For every shot that’s made the cut though, a half-dozen or more pics were made unusable by simple mistakes. Their Achilles’ heels were sometimes technical, but as often as not, the fatal, Read More

So here’s the premise. Matt and I go fishing, with each of our sons. My wife and daughter are at some type of ladies event and Matt just wants to get out. For the record, Matt’s son is 3 and mine is 2. Our kids are intermittently walking, playing with various found implements of, Read More

  My motions are fast. Thoughts of work, family, the next fish or any number of other distractions cloud my mind. I barely see the big picture, let alone the details.Small, unheralded details provide the texture for our world. Each nick on a shotgun has it’s own story. Every feather on a bird, or spot, Read More