Watch the video and wait for the “Pop”.

Ever wonder what it’s like to crawl into a lion den… face first? This week something a little different, an installment from Matt’s weekly WyoFile series, “Wyoming Know How.”

We didn’t talk about it much. I told her I was going elk hunting. She stared at me, madder because she already knew.

Eighteen hours after leaving the house, and 20 miles after leaving the truck, we reached our rig. With the elk in the back and the heater cranked in the cab, we headed for home.

What’s better than a great find, flush and retrieve? Doing it with an audience and bragging rights on the line.

Giddy, we roared through the last hundred and fifty miles to the farm we were going to be staying at for the next five days. We arrived a few hours past dark and settled into an old single wide.

Things rarely go to plan. That’s usually half the fun.

The arithmetic of another day away from the desk just didn’t add-up. But math was never my strong suit. And I know an offer you can’t refuse when I hear it.

Impatiently, he surveyed the clearing and with it the motionless pack of camo-clad men laying between him and the other bull.

There’s nothing like nature for tossing you a teachable moment, ready or not.