There’s nothing like nature for tossing you a teachable moment, ready or not.

Personal responsibility doesn’t develop in a vacuum, and given a choice between my boy spending the day in cyberspace or in the sage… well, that’s a no brainer.

By two p.m., with the rain coming down in sheets, the patient resting comfortably, my football team getting clubbed like baby seals on national television, and the dog looking downright vindictive, the right play was feeling a little claustrophobic for all concerned.

And let us be clear. We are being disregarded. The Senators and state governments who’ve led us down this path to the brink of unthinkable calamity have sized us up, taken our measure and deemed us impotent.

No doubt about it, the deck is stacked. But there is a path to victory.

Turns out you can learn a lot from a six-year-old with a book. You may even land a whole new way to enjoy the beach.

Where do you even start with a question like that? I have no idea. Luckily I still have the ultimate trump card up my sleeve.

I turned back to the six-year-old and finally noticed what I’d missed.

Who cares how they get there, so long as they get there?

Who needs analysis and second guessing? Not my kid. He’ll stick with giddy wonder, thank you very much.