George Hunker, well-seasoned river guide and fly fishing instructor extraordinaire, once told me, “For all the discussion of equipment, fly selection and casting technique, I’ve found nothing is as important to my fishing success as being where the fish are.” His point is so obvious that, like the proverbial forest hidden among the trees,, Read More

For wildlife researcher Dr. Hall Sawyer the seeds of discovery were fertilized, as is often the case, by hard labor. In the spring of 1999 Sawyer, mountain-man fit, affably handsome and freshly minted by the University of Wyoming as a Master of Science in Zoology, was working for the Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife, Read More

It’s a park now, mown green-space and graveled paths owned by the city of Williamsburg Virginia. But when I was a boy, not so much older than my son is now, “Government Property” was a tangle of tidewater forest and marshland where earthen battlements – remnants of the civil war – lay hidden in, Read More

The big cat presses its belly to the frozen ground and crawls forward, inch by silent inch through the low sage. The midmorning sun rising at his back offers little warmth, but the cat has learned from hard won experience that low-angle light glinting off the glacier makes it difficult for his prey to, Read More

Stacks of informative articles and level-headed opinion pieces have been written of late about our slinking progress toward wholesale public land transfer and the ongoing efforts to stop it. See Todd Tanner, Bob Marshall, Scott Willoughby, Ben Neary, Judith Kohler, Raph Graybill, and as always Hal Herring for particularly eloquent examples. What follows here will, Read More

Torrential rain pelted us like a prize fighter. Electricity in the air caused our rods to buzz. After 14 hours it looked like our hopes were dashed as we retreated into the forest. On any other day I would have packed it in and headed for home. But we huddled amongst the conifers in, Read More

Hands down, bar none, the single best investment you can make. Frankly, I can’t afford not too.

  The new neighbors are a noisy bunch. They’ve been raising hell every morning for weeks now. I put the neighborhood watch on the case. “There’s um, Dada there’s three now. I know because’n I heard a quieter one from way over… um over there and it had a different pattern,” reports my four, Read More

Maybe if I take five more steps, throw one more mend, skate one more fly, a hero will appear, armored in chrome, and dance to the music of my singing reel.