No doubt about it, the deck is stacked. But there is a path to victory.

Where do you even start with a question like that? I have no idea. Luckily I still have the ultimate trump card up my sleeve.

I turned back to the six-year-old and finally noticed what I’d missed.

Who needs analysis and second guessing? Not my kid. He’ll stick with giddy wonder, thank you very much.

The subsurface safari that is our backyard helps keep the squirt in the sun, off the couch and out of our hair. And wouldn’t you know it… the worms are even helpful for catching the occasional fish.

The forecast called for high winds, but we thought they would be moderate. The high for the day was supposed to be unseasonably warm. If the Wind didn’t live up to expectations we would be in for a great day on the water.  So we loaded up all the kids, hitched up the boat, and headed, Read More

It’s true what they say. The gap between more and enough never closes.

“Dada, Dada, look! Is that chukar poop?” asked the kindergartener. “Not sure son. It’s bird poop, for sure, but probably not chukar poop. Hard to say.” “Well if it is, than we’re in a goooood hunting spot, cause there’s LOTS of it!” The cards were stacked against us. We knew that much going in., Read More

“Dada, is this one pokey?” “Yep.” “Um… cause it’s got a hook on it?” “They all have hooks son. Careful.” “Ok, I will. But then… if I get poked a little… then um… then I’ll just be brave. Ok Dada?” The next day would bring the year’s first fishing trip and we had some, Read More

“We don’t eat the feathers, cause see that would be silly, right Dada?” “Right.” “Yeah, cause we only eat the meat, and feathers aren’t meat and… and… um… cause see the meat’s on the inside!” The duck we were plucking had only hung for a couple days. I’d planned on waiting longer to breast, Read More