We didn’t talk about it much. I told her I was going elk hunting. She stared at me, madder because she already knew.

There are easier ways to fill the freezer. Cheaper ways too.

It doesn’t come with a time stamp. There’re no ghostly green forms, no shining eyes, no startled expressions. If it contains clues to trophy status, they’re invisible to me.

It was still raining as I settled into my bag under the flimsy yellow tarp, a gentle but relentless rain that fell as though it meant to keep it up all night, all day or all week. A mixed blessing…

I’ve made a habit over the past few years of shooting elk farther and farther from the truck, in places with no motorized access and only my back to pack em out on. Many have asked why I’m willing to put in so much effort and, at times, suffering. For me the answer is, Read More

I knew dawn, when it finally broke, would be anemic and gray – little help in driving the cold from the house. Too bad, I thought. I needed all the help I could get. The sun hadn’t cleared the mountain yet, but already I was behind: behind on the errands, the house chores, the, Read More

Chef’s are underrated. The products of a gifted Chef de Cuisine should, by my estimation, rate right alongside those of lauded musicians, painters, dancers and poets. Maybe they get short shrift because of the transitory nature of their art – it will all eventually, literally, become crap. That seems unfair to me. But maybe, Read More

“Pile of deer, by the big juniper…” whispered Steven from behind his binoculars. “Yep. There’s at least two bedded above them and to the right.” I whispered back, also glassing the opposite slope. After a slow start to the morning, we’d spotted this band of deer from a mile down canyon. Through the spotting, Read More

They called him Deadeye Dan, although that was before I came along. He was a great shot. Dropping whitetails on the run as they darted between cottonwoods, elk in the fog at three hundred yard. Always just one shot. By the time I was able to tag along on hunts those days were long, Read More