Photo by Steven Brutger

Photo by Steven Brutger

Let’s face it, it’s some type of addiction. Cutthroat in small mountain streams, steelhead in BC, tarpon in the Keys, we love it all and want more of it. While we dream of far off places, and occasionally get to go, we have more than our fair share of quality fishing close to home. Often with our kids, sometimes not, we are as likely to be on the water as anywhere else.

Just Plain Fishing 

Fishing Con Kiddo

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  1. Hello Stalking the seam, I’m an avid fly fishermen and landlocked salmon addick. I was wondering if you carry or sell any “Stalking the seam” decals. I would love to put one on my drift boat.
    Thank you
    Robert Foss

    “Tug is the drug”

    • Robert, we are honored that you would like to represent STS on your boat! Unfortunately, we don’t have any decals. Maybe something we should look into! Keep us posted on your adventures and thanks for reading.

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