June Is In The Books: Photo Essay

Summer hit hard this year. Before I knew what happened we were BBQ’ing, wearing flip flops, and drinking cold beers in the yard while watching the sun set over the mountains. I look forward to summer because it means fall is getting closer. I don’t like hot weather. But June is my favorite month of the  season. On a good year it’s an extension of spring — cool nights, rain, high water, snow in the high country, green down low. Some of the summer’s best fishing can also come in June if you know where to look. But mostly its about time on the water, and in the hills, with family and friends.

You can sleep in the winter, long days are good for the soul.

High dirty water can lead to happy hungry fish.

Hanging out with family and friends…and a maybe a few mosquitos.

Spontaneous trips to the river are always worth it.

Sometimes plan B is better than plan A.

2 Comments on “June Is In The Books: Photo Essay

  1. What happened to you guys? Have you stopped the blog? I really enjoyed reading your work.

    • Eric, great question…thanks! In, short, yes we have stopped. But we need to come up with a better answer, for ourselves and our readers. This summer we decided to take a break and are determining what we want to do going forward. We are still writing, shooting photos, and getting after it in the field, but need to figure out how STS will fit in the mix.

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