How To Pull A Tooth With A Labrador

His older sister did the classic slam the door routine to pull out her first tooth. It worked like a charm, but we all wanted to up our game. A tour of You Tube gave us more laughs and ideas than we bargained for. Turns out you can tie a string to your tooth and nearly any object/projectile that moves to help remove it. From over my shoulder my wife mused “why don’t you just throw a hot dog for one of the dogs”.

The idea stuck, but we had to wait a couple of years to make it a reality.

The old lady has made hundreds of retrieves. From crippled roosters, to ducks diving under ice, she’s seen it all. But in typical lab fashion she is as focused on the next crumb that might fall on the floor as any bird in the field. Hold a hot dog in your hand and you will definitely have her attention.

It all came together in a flash. The tooth was loose and our chance was at hand. With all the pieces in place the only question was whether the knot would hold and if the Old Lady would be steady.



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