Come what may

Sometimes, things go just as planned. You may find the elk, for example, grazing lazily in the early morning sun, more or less exactly where you’d expected them to be. But there’s usually a hitch… like a gaudy number of bulls standing broadside between you and the legal cows.

No problem. You make some adjustments, tweak the plan. It’s all part of the hunt, part of the adventure.

Which is a good thing to keep in mind when the next plan, a side-by-side crawl down the opposite ridge, let’s say, hits a hiccup — an accidental strangled-bagpipe scream coming from the call in your partner’s pocket, perhaps. With careful selection, steady rests, and a “one… two… three… bang” simul-shot off the table, it may be time to make some quick decisions instead.

May your thinking be sound, your mind clear and your aim true when the time comes.

And may your heart be light and filled with gratitude, whatever the outcome.

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