Friday Classic: Your Most Important Hunting Or Fishing Decision

Huge fish, big bulls, grip and grins, hero shots, we all love them. But the quality of our experience rarely has much to do with the quarry. Here’s what a trophy looks like (How I lucked out and landed the one above I’ll never know):

SBB_2756Good friends…outshine a 180 inch Muley any day.

SBB_1894Kids…about the size of a nice Chinook, but with a way better smile.

SBB_0798Dad…I’ll always choose a day in the hills with this bruiser over a 5 pound brown.

As you plan your next hunting or fishing trip, put some thought into who you invite to go with you. It might be the most important decision you make.

2 Comments on “Friday Classic: Your Most Important Hunting Or Fishing Decision

  1. That’s the problem with going to camps, lodges, etc.: You can’t pick the other guests. And you know what Jean-Paul Sartre said: Hell is other people.

  2. Quite true 🙂 I keep asking dad to go with me, but he’s always pretty busy. I guess I’ll just keep asking until he isn’t busy.
    Other than Dad, I know no other fly fishermen… my friends all suck! 😉

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