This Is Just To Slay (with apologies to William Carlos Williams)

Legend has it that William Carlos Williams left a masterpiece of American poetry as an apology and thank you note for his hosts after raiding their icebox.

Crossing an unfamiliar mountain range for work recently, I thought I might carve out a little time in the return drive to fish some new country. I’d left my maps at home though, and had no information to go on… until I spied a logoed Expedition with two extra-large Titan rod vaults on top. It was parked as inconspicuously as possible off a Forest Service side road. There wasn’t any water in sight, but the broad valley below — terrain I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise — suddenly looked fishy.

Had the truck been there again when I came back through, I’d have left a note under the wiper…

I have fished
the honey-hole
that was upstream
of your truck

and which
you were probably
for clients

Forgive me
the cutties were beautiful
so eager
and so hidden

It was the least I could have done.

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