Public Service Announcement

Man 1: How’s the river looking up your way?

Man 2: Drowned sheep floated by this morning. It was doing about 20 nauts.

Man 1: Hmmm. Still murky?

Man 2: Oh sure, somewhere between chocolate milk and diarrhea.

Man 1: That bad huh?

Man 2: Could be worse. In fact, that’s a big improvement. I think we’re shaping up.

Man 1: You know, all this water is great for the habitat. A good flushing flow.

Man 2: The next person who tells me that is getting punched in the throat.

Man 1: Right. Going to fish it then?

Man 2: Thinkin about it… Wanna come?

Man 1: Seriously!?… Well…

Voiceover: Are you or someone you know suffering from Runoff Induced Cabin Fever?

Symptoms of RICF may include:
Bad decision making
Frequent combative muttering
Excessive whiskey intake
Palid, waxy complexion
Poor casting rhythm
Inability to concentrate
Dry wading boots
Uncontrollable organizing and reorganizing of fishing gear
Compulsive fly-tying
Marital discord

If you recognize these symptoms, please, seek help immediately at your nearest skeet and trap range, dog hiking trail or tailwater. And remember, you’re not alone.

RICF. The struggle is real.

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