Fish and Tell ***Redacted***

“How was your weekend,” I asked.

“Oh, I’ve had better. This rain has really put the fishing down,” he replied.

“Bummer. I wish I’d known you were getting out. XXXX XXXX XXXXX fished great on Sunday, you shoulda come with…. Jesus! What’s that look for?”

“Don’t ever say that again.”

“Say what?”

“Someone might hear you.”




“Keep your voice down!”

“OK, OK take it easy!”

“Who else have you told?”

“Are you serious?”

“Are you going to write about it?”


“I asked you nicely to keep your voice down.”

“Geez. I wasn’t planning on it.”

“Good. Don’t.”

“Uhhh, OK. Mind if I write about how some people take fishing hole secrecy a little too seriously?”

“No. That’d be fine. You might mention the high rates of gun ownership in Wyoming too.”

“Got it. Thanks.”

I guess it’s true what they say. Friends don’t let friends fish and tell.

2 Comments on “Fish and Tell ***Redacted***

  1. Too funny – same happens for posting a photo on any social media that isn’t properly cropped to obscure the background. The photo above would get slammed for giving away too much info.

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