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Jesus fed the multitudes with two fishes and five loaves. I’m not sure I’d shoot for His ratio, but I think the moral of the parable is clear. Man does not live by trout alone. Bring a good boat lunch.

Step 1: Stir one or two companions into a small boat and head downstream. Discerning selection of these primary ingredients is critical. The company makes the meal. Look for good humor, piercing insight and a resilient optimism. If none of those qualities are available, an in-depth knowledge of the day’s fishery and generous attitude toward beta substitute nicely.

Step 2:
Don’t wait for lunch. As Paul Petzoldt once said “Lunch should begin immediately following breakfast and continue until dinner.” Pass the snacks early, and often.

Step 3: Stop for lunch anyway. Don’t mind the clock, let your belly and the rhythm of the river pick the time and place. Find yourself some shade on a hot day, or a sunbeam on a cool one. Let the stillness lend texture to the fishing past and the fishing yet to come. Watch the birds. Listen to the leaves. Think of the meal as a comma in your day, not a period.

Step 4: Season liberally with the aroma of fish slime and sunscreen wafting from your hands, and lies about fish rolling from your tongue. Wash it all down with brain-freeze cold beer.

Step 5: Stir the companions once more, re-rig if necessary and head back downstream.

Bon appetit.

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